What Is Better A Career In Sonography Or Radiology?

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What Is Better A Career In Sonography Or Radiology?

If you are set to graduate in the spring and are deciding what career path to take, you may be wondering whether you should pursue an education in sonography, or in radiology. There are many advantages attached to each of them, but they are by no means interchangeable. The major difference between the two is the time needed for completion of the separate degrees. Although both an ultrasound machine, and an x-ay and MRI machine are used for diagnostic purposes, the courses that the professionals take to learn to operate the machines, and to read the images, is quite different.

Careers in sonography can be worked toward in a fraction of the time than a radiologist. An ultrasound machine is one that uses ultrasonic waves to recreate images of internal organs. An x-ray machine emits radiation to see the structure of the skeletal system, both good for diagnosis, but completely different. If you are interested in a career in sonography, there are many opportunities available.


There are many of the best sonography schools located on the internet for you to attend and work toward your certification. It is not a long training course, and once you have completed the sonography certification training, you are eligible to take the exam to obtain your diagnostic medical sonography certification. So, the answer to the question which one is best, really depends on where you want to work, and what your person preference is. The experts of www.sonographycareers.com can help you find the best program if you should decide on careers in sonography.

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