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DeVry University
DeVry University is known for their quality education and has presence in countries such as Brazil and Canada including US. In North America alone they have more than 90 campuses and provide wide range of subjects from technology, business, science and arts. Online programs and courses are also made available by this university.

University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix is one of the largest providers for higher education in North America. This university is owned by Apollo Group Inc. This Arizona based university provides degrees in various different fields including diplomas and certificates through quality training and teaching. His university also provides eCampus for every student which is software.

Kaplan University
Kaplan University is known for their distance education but this trend is changing through various learning centers all over the country. The accreditation of this university is done regionally by the Higher Learning Commission. There are various schools in this university which is specifically based on the subjects candidates are interested in such as nursing, business, education, Information Systems and Technology and so on.

Post University
Post University offers programs in day, evening and by online. This university is accredited by Department of Higher Education and by New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The course materials are reviewed periodically to maintain the quality of the education for the benefit of the students. Their courses include legal studies, business administration, accounting, equine management and human service.

Fortis has colleges and institutes which provides diplomas, certificates and degrees. They have presence in more than 42 states and offer programs in the field of dental hygienist, healthcare, information technology, skilled trades, business, commercial driving, medical technologist and beauty and wellness. Online programs I also offered by Fortis from where Military programs can be taken.

Capella University
Capella University provides students with plethora of different fields to choose from. Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree as well as doctoral degrees are offered by this university. There are more than 17 certificate courses with 1700 online courses. Capella University faculty comes from four foreign countries and from 48n different states.

Penn Foster Career School
Penn Foster Career School is a distance school that offers accredited certificates, diplomas, and degrees in various different streams. Military education is also provided by this university including high school diploma. Their programs include Natural health, business, Automotive, legal studies, trades, technology, health studies, legal studies and in Creative design.

Virginia College
Virginia College offers different streams to choose from such as cosmetology, legal studies, health care, office management, network engineering, and paralegal. There are some additional courses which can be opted though online service provided by this university. This college is accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).


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